Emboss Records is a truly independent music label created by original recording artists and musicians focusing on indie rock, alternative and electronic music. We serve albums and songs that were never released, mostly from artists who went on to major label releases or have a rich professional history of performing and recording music. Our artist roster spans several decades, with original artist music from the '80s, '90s,'00s, and up today. Most of the artists and musicians found in these songs still work today, some in very well-known bands. The recordings released by Emboss are snapshots of different periods in these artists' careers. 
Most artists and bands usually develop careers through different projects or periods of writing, recording, and performing. This material becomes a collection of songs and albums that, many times, don't find a way out into the world. Usually, because there wasn't always the opportunity to access distribution or labels. Or, maybe the band broke up, and everyone went their separate ways, onto other bands, with recording tapes and hard drives ending up buried in someone's closet, never to see the light of day. 
Whatever the reason, where you find true passion and enough talent, you usually find good music. Music that showcases the trajectory of wonderful artists as they progress through their careers. Hidden gems of songs and albums worthy of release and discovery. 
Good music is timeless, and we are proud to bring previously unreleased gems of music out into the world. Emboss Records is a passion label, mining great music from vital artists in definitive musical eras. Discover new music from the past and present. Our artists and their releases can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, TikTok, YouTube, and over 150 streamers worldwide. 
To listen to our artists, please go to the Artist page and scroll through our artists. Under each album cover, you will find a hyperlink that will connect you to great songs in the streamer of your choice. If you discover a song you like, please share the love. It's our mission to share the passion of our artists with the world. 

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